John Barefoot

b 1815 Parramatta NSW

1820 Muster of Port Dalrymple, age 3, off stores. (MUSTER)

Unfortunately in 1837, John, along with William Lancaster, was charged with stealing a mare.

Hobart Town Courier, Friday 8 December 1837, page 3

They were found guilty and on 14th December in the Supreme Court, John was sentenced to Life. Harsh sentence for a 17 year old…

Tasmania, Convict Court & Selected Records:Comprehensive register of convicts 184-1845

It seemed as though John was going to have a hard time of it.
His convict record:

Tasmanian Archives and History Office, CON35-1-1 Image 52

Which reads:
28 Dec 1841 Jillet / Misconduct reprimanded / LM /
8 Apr 1843 Jillett / Neglect of Duty 10 days hard labor / LW
18 Apr 1838 positively refusing to work in the mines when ordered this morning 25 stripes / PA /
3 Jul 1840 Gov house / Disorderly conduct in Gov house & being drunk, (?-id –) on the (?sds) 3 mos / PT / Confined Glenorchy road ( — ) then New Norfolk for a fortnight vide Lt Gov Sec. 4 July 1840.
* 5 Aug 1843 Jillet / Drunk neglect of duty still beating his Masters Horse 3 Calendar Months hard labor & referred Lt Gov directed not to be again assigned from this date / Ticket of Leave / Long Hobart & not to be again assigned in the New Norfolk District vide lt Gov Rec’d 11 Aug 1843
1 Mar 1844 2 Class.
20 March 1844 Shannon / Drunk 14 days labor Certificate / M /
6 Sep 1844 3 Class. T of L.
8.1.1846 Recommended for a Conditional Pardon 31 Aug 1847
Conditional Pardon
31 Aug 1847 Conditional Pardon granted to John BAREFOOT [p47]

In 1848 John applied for permission to marry Ellen McNally. Permission was granted [CON52/1/2 Page 334] and they were married on 29 May 1848 at St Josephs, Launceston.

John Barefoot jnr marriage

On the marriage certificate it states John is a Labourer, and Free, and that Ellen McNally was a HouseMaid, and had a Ticket of Leave.
Ellen arrived in Van Diemen’s Land on the Mexborough. The Mexborough arrived 26 Dec 1841 to Hobart.

Ellen was transported for vagrancy. Gaol report none. Single. Stated this offence Vagrancy) once 6 months for theft and 8 or 10 lines for Vagrancy, Single 12 months on the Town Surgeons ReportWell Behaved.
June 21 1842. Smith. Absent without leave 7 days Solitary/AY
April 4 1842. Crumptons, Launcestn (?) Absconding
[still much more to decipher in here!]

Conditional Pardon 1848.

Move to Victoria: Passengers on Shamrock from Launceston arrived Melbourne 19 Apr 1849 John BAREFOOT and Ellen (McNALLY) – Free by Servitude, Ship to Colony Mexborough.

Children: Ellen b 1848 Launceston
Mary Jane b 1850 Barrabool Hills, Victoria M Duncan Lennie
John Barefoot b 25 Dec 1853 Geelong m 1. 1874 Bertha Ann Augusta Hiene 2. Isabella Watson (nee Ross)

Melbourne Age Sat 20 Sept 1879 p. 6

Elizabeth Barefoot b 1861 m George Gorman

DNA proven descendants of John Barefoot: