My paternal branch (a start)

First step in this journey is travelling up my paternal grandmother’s line (Mabel Louise Guy), to her grandparents William Walter Guy and Isabella Hockey. I’m starting with Isabella’s grandparents John Barfoot and Elizabeth Church – which was what we thought her name was until a few years ago, when her descendants started taking DNA tests and questions started to be asked.

Click here to follow the story of my 4th great-grandmother, the elusive Elizabeth Church, and 4th great-grandfather, the almost as elusive John Barefoot!

Please note: the information on these web pages has been gathered by many people (including me) over many years- this is just the culmination of all their work. If there is something in here you believe is wrong – please contact me! Or even better – if you have MORE information, or different information, please contact me!

Acknowledging those researchers without whom we would not have the information we have today: Laurel Merritt, Jennifer Burrell, and Fred Rosewarne, all of whom I had contact with in the early 1980s, before Ancestry, yea even before the internet! Using pen and paper, microfiche and … books… we pieced together the bones of what I am presenting to you on these pages. It was hard work! Harold Frazer’s photo collection has also been fantastic in putting together all the known photos of our ancestors on that side. I wish there were clones on all sides of my family but alas no!

In the last five years, Karen King-Cain, Julie Allen and I, with others, have tried to put together the pieces of our common story with the help of DNA. Karen’s persistence in the face of disbelief has brought us to where we are today with Elizabeth’s story. While we will probably never know all the details, the story remains incomplete, and I hope that our descendants will add to it when they can.